Janani Iyer Bikini

Janani Iyer to don Bikini for Paagan?

Janani Iyer Bikini

She impressed many with her debut performance as a female constable in director Bala’s Avan Ivan last year. The newcomer had put in an admirable performance as one of the two heroines along with Madhushalini opposite the likes of established actors like Vishal and Aarya. Janani Iyer’s girl-next-door face jelled perfectly with the cop’s role she played in her debut film.

Avan Ivan didn’t break any box-office record but turned out to be an average grosser. Though offers came pouring in at Janani’s doorstep after the film’s release, she didn’t go on a signing spree. Any newcomer would have taken up all the offers that came her way but not Janani, who carefully listened to all the scripts and then decided about taking them up or saying ‘no’ to them.

One of the projects she did take up with interest was Paagan in which she plays heroine opposite Srikanth. After making an impressive debut almost a decade back with the romantic hit Rojakootam, Srikanth somehow couldn’t make it to the top bracket and has had a rough 3-4 years professionally as well as personally. Thankfully for him, his latest release Nanban has changed all those bitter experiences.

Janani plays a modern girl in the film and has reportedly donned an ‘overdose’ of revealing costumes so as to drive home the message among other producers and directors that she is game for all kinds of roles including those ‘ultra-glamourous’ roles. Talking about her role in the film, she says “After my first film, I was looking for a role in my second which would help me sustain the name earned through my debut film.

“As such, I’m extremely delighted about my role in Paagan. I’m a director’s actress and am even ready to don the bikini if the sequence demands so and my director feels it’s absolutely necessary for the script,” says Janani.

Would anyone say ‘no’ to her bikini avatar?


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