Janani Iyer getting Obscene calls on her mobile phone

Janani Iyer getting obscene calls

Actress Janani Iyer has a strange problem to contend with. Of late, the sound of her mobile phone ringing makes her feel jittery. For some strange reasons, she has been getting many unwarranted and at time obscene calls on her phone for the past month.

Janani was one of the two heroines in director Bala’s Avan Ivan along with Madhu Shalini. The film, which released a few months back, had been declared a commercial ‘hit’ and had also got some rave reviews from the print and television media for Bala’s handling of the script and for Aarya and Vishal’s acting credentials.

Ever since the film released, Janani had been getting quite a lot of calls from her fans and well-wishers. If you wonder as to why she should be afraid of appreciative and congratulatory calls, have this: after heaping praise on her, the caller(s) tend to speak in a ‘different’ manner and the talk crosses the borders of decency which makes Janani feel embarrassed.

New to the film industry, Janani feels helpless and when the calls went beyond the limit, Janani removed her SIM card from her mobile and gave it to her mother. Now that she has a different number, she hopes to stay free from those disturbing calls!



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