Janakis Comedy film Om Obama makes waves

Om Obama Tamil Movie Stills

Janaki Viswanathan, the director who has won the coveted national award once, is presently making a film titled ‘Om Obama’. Before you might wonder as to what Obama, the world’s most powerful political leader, has got to do with the film’s titled, here is a synopsis of the story and the reasons for the title.

The catchy title has already caught the attention of many within and outside Kollywood, which would surely help the film as and when it releases. By Janaki’s own admission, the film would be a hilarious comedy affair with some doses of sentiment. Quizzed about the script, she smiles and lets us have it.

As per the script, a Panchayat election is held in a Kedarapalayam, a rural hamlet. The rivalry and the election campaign between the two leading groups catches up with the locals like wildfire. At that time, one of the groups say that President Barak Obama has agreed to visit the place to ‘campaign’ in its support. Many hilarious incidents follow which would make the viewers laugh their hearts out, says Janaki.

A ‘Temple set’ was erected in the Kedarapalayalm village which was courted by the locals and worshipped as if it was an actual ‘Temple’, she informs.


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