Jaggubhai to hit screens on Jan 29

The entire crew of Jaggubhai was scandalized with the unofficial release of this film much prior to its release. But the protest meet that was organized with accordance to this act has been utilized as a great publicity stunt by actor Sarath Kumar and his wife Radhika. The speech of film celebrities’ during the protest meet has been aired continuously over television channels so as to promote the film. Recently, there were some buzzes doing rounds that director K.S Ravikumar has added some new sequences and changed the climax part as well. Well, the makers believe that for those who’ve already watched the complete film over the unofficial home video, these changes could literally urge them to lookout for more. Nonetheless, it’s really astonishing to see that most of the pirated DVDs remain unsold as the film buffs believe that it would be a misdeed buying it so.


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