Rahul Gandhi Flatters Item Girl Babilona

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Babilona, the ‘item girl’ of Kollywood who is currently acting in B grade film ‘Thalapulla’, has opined that she has been attracted by the speech of Rahul Gandhi, general secretary of Congress (I) during the latter’s visit to Chennai a couple of days back.

Babilona Spicy in Thalapulla stills

She has even gone to the extent of saying, “Soon, I shall formally join the Congress party in Tamil Nadu. I’d also make myself available to the party for campaigning during the ensuing Assembly elections.” It ought to be in the blood for Babilona, whose aunt actress Maya is already in the same party. Maya, of course, has never been seen campaigning for the party.

Maya was recently in the news thanks to her much-publicised clash with neighbour and actress Seetha over the parking of vehicles in front of her house by those visiting Sita’s house. Maya’s son Vicky is also said to be getting into petty quarrels quite often with the neighbours.

Asked what was the reason behind her sudden political aspirations, the seductress says that she had been ‘highly impressed’ by the various speeches made by Rahul Gandhi, son of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. “My family’s political tradition, my aunt Maya’s presence in the party along with the inspirational speeches I heard from Rahul made me decide to align myself with the Congress party.”

“What I like most about Rahul is that he speaks right from the bottom of his heart. He has sincerity to his speech, which is a rarity among politicians, which is unmistakable. After completing the few assignments (films) that I have on hand at present, I would formally enroll my name with the Congress party.

“All of us should bear in mind to do something fruitful in our lives. I feel politics is a direct means of performing social welfare activities for the sake of the people. As soon as I join the Congress party, I would also involve myself in the campaigning process for the forthcoming Assembly elections,” concludes Babilona.



  1. usha

    ya u r right.. but i find the title of this article misleading.. i think it should be the other way round ‘Item Girl Babilona Flatters Rahul Gandhi’..

  2. Vasin

    Kollywood interesting title kuduthrikalamenu solreengala? Babi Congress’la serathunu solli flatter pannita Ragul’anu. like Asin weds Aamir maathri. Padicha cinemal’nu poatripanga. Kolappama Irku.

  3. Vasin

    Aiyo ‘fan’ evlau pavyama karuthu solre! Armin motalla onnoda ears’a thaan garlic butter’la fry pannin saapiduvan. Crunchy’a irkumam.

  4. vaaya moodu da mundam

    Dai Vasin naathari……. nee periya olungaatta yenda aduthavan comment a kindle adikuru……. pocha moodittu pooda

  5. Vasin

    Neenga mortuary’la vela paarkareengala? Anga neenga dead bodies’kitte pesikitreepingala? Time pass’ku?

  6. Vasin

    Enna Panna poreenga’nu politics’la nu specific’a sollaliye. Campaign pannarathukagava politics povanga?

    Sari ithla onna pannunga;  
    Apply Ghandi’s Least Consumption Concept (Food’la, Dress’la panna inga problem)  
    Apply Ghandi’s Determination (Cinema’la hard’a try pannala politics’yavathu try pannunga)  
    Apply Ghandi’s Penchant for Unity (Seethavayum Mayavayum serthu vaika peace deal pannunga)  
    Naan solrathu Rahul Ghandi illa Mohandas Ghandi.  
    Good Luck

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