7aam Arivu Remake Rights

It’s Aamir Khan Vs. Salman Khan to bag remake rights of 7aam Arivu

7aam Arivu Remake Rights

Reports emanating from Mumbai say that Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, the leading Bollywood heroes, are vying with each other to bag the Hindi remake rights of director AR Murugadoss’ latest Tamil film 7aam Arivu. The film, which starred Suriya and debutant Shruti Haasan in the lead and was released on Deepavali last month, has been going great guns all over the State.

Incidentally, it was Aamir Khan who played the title role in Murugadoss’ Hindi film Ghajini. Aamir was very happy to be playing the role essayed by Suriya with aplomb in the Tamil version. The film went on to become a huge hit, thereby increasing the ‘market value’ of Murugadoss in Bollywood as a director to reckon with.

Salman Khan, on the other hand, has starred in many Hindi remakes of successful Tamil films. Prominent among them were Wanted, the Hindi version of the Tamil super-hit film Pokkiri. Even Salman’s latest hit film Bodugyard was also the Hindi remake of the Tamil hit film Kaavalan. As such, it is said that both Aamir and Salman want to star in the Hindi remake of 7aam Arivu.

Both the Khans have watched the Tamil film and appear to be mighty impressed with the script. Aamir is apparently close to Murugadoss as he had earlier worked with him in Ghajini while Salman hasn’t worked with Murgugadoss earlier.

In the coming days, it’d be known as to who among Aamir and Salman wins the Hindi remake rights of 7aam Arivu!



  1. kumar

    the movie is about tamilan and the pride of tamilan……..so why remake with an hindi actor/ precisely aaryan people who are not even close to be pure indian according to history……..more over they can’t speak in tamil or even they do it will end up like ra one, konchom konchom pronounced as condom condom………if u want the historical fact to be know by all indian just dub and release it or use a tamil actor to do the role if you plan to remake………

  2. u1

    did u saw telugu version of 7am arivu?

    what they tell abt bohi dharma in telugu version ? tamilan or telugu ?

    these film makers are making money out of our regional sentiments,

    this film can be remake into any indian language, portraying bodhi dharma is an indian … 

  3. anonymous

    dude! Aryan invasion theory is wrong. Please do some search before believing in an idea. By the way, i am from tamil nadu (naan thamizhan). I am also proud to be one but there is no point in overdoing it. 

  4. vadivu


    WTF are you talking ? You need a Computer to shout out your no brainer opinions? btw Last time i checked Computer & internet were invented by foriegn dudes in your terms ‘Aryans’. All these Aryan Dravidian was created by the British and our politicians used it to fuel hate. If Bodhidharman was all about Aryan and Dravidians, then he would have never gone to China!  If people were so concerned of Dravidian Culture then stop the conversions, renuvate temples that is crying out loud for attention, preserve historical sites, Make tamil poets popular.. Look at remake as an marketing opportunity for Ancient Tamizh and Tamizhan..btw, not just bodhiraman they were couple of others who travelled to chaina.. bogar, kalanginathar to name a few.    Adha vittutu yaaroo kandu pidicha commuter vechukittu ennaaa ma pfhilim kaatra neee…!!! 

  5. Raaji

    F u Man … Bodidharma is a palava’s king in 1600th Cen, Y u want to say Aryan & dravidian to confuss pepole 

  6. NaanKadavul

    The film is a tamilan and would never suit in the hindi version…and if they are gonna make a hindi version I think Suriya a TAMILAN should do the role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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