Is Tamil cinema progressing?

Siruthai - KO

The year that has gone by so far has been not at all a good one for Tamil cinema in terms of the commercial hits it has managed. We are now nearing the close of the 7th month of the year and only two films have so far been categorized as ‘mega-hits’ along with 7-8 films in the ‘hit’ category. All other films, numbering more than 50, have bitten the dust at the box-office.

Certainly a not good augury for Tamil films. Thanks to the popularity of superstar Rajinikanth, Tamil films have reached places where it was not seen earlier. His ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ created a record of sorts by releasing and doing well in most European countries and in other places last year. Still, the report card of all other films is far from encouraging.

A casual look at the box-office record is baffling. Excluding English, Telugu, Hindi and dubbed movies, we have had 65 Tamil films releasing as on 30th June out of which only Jiiva’s ‘Ko’ and Karthi’s ‘Siruthai’ enter the ‘superhit films’ category. Next place goes to films like Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’, Simbu’s ‘Vaanam’ and Vijay’s ‘Kaavalan’, which come under ‘hit films’ category.

Even the national award-winning ‘Aadukalam’, promoted to no end by Sun Pictures, wasn’t a hit film at the box-office. Films like ‘Azhagarsamiyin Kudirai’, Vishnu’s ‘Kullanarikkootam’ and Vimal’s ‘Eththan’ did average business sans any loss to the producer. All other films met with total failure and weren’t even able to enjoy a decent run of 1-2 weeks at the box-office.

No hero is able to muster a hit on his own including the two superhit movies referred to above; ‘Ko’ had amazing script, scintillating music and good performances by lead actors while ‘Siruthai’ had Tamannaah’s hour-glass figure to woo the audience to the halls.

It appears that fans would patronize only films which are made sincerely and with a view to entertaining them.


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