Is Simbu the new MGR

Simbu  and MGRActor Simbu who is presently engaged with his upcoming project Osthi recently celebrated Vaanam’s 75th day run at the theaters. While the actor has been receiving much appreciation from all corners a news headline boldly complimented Simbu’s performance by comparing him to yesteryear Kollywood veteran MGR.

On further inquiry it was known that the ad was neatly framed by daddy Vijaya T Rajendar who firmly asserted, “In the particular advertisement, I had mentioned that Simbu is now emerging as a star like how MGR was in those days. Silambarasan has got all qualities to reach that (MGR) place.” The news has been the talking point among both Simbu and MGR fans, some even terming the opinion ‘overbearing’ for the young actor.

Simbu the new MGR, what do you think Kollytalkers?



  1. Dk

    Yeah…I know how u guys would have added those many people??appa amma thambi akka kutty papa yellam add pannirupingale??Facebook tweeter’s yellam genji kuthadi sethuripinge?do u think a movie gets successful only those 2,00,000 people watching?there are 10crore people watch Tamil movies…all u guys wannabe simbu or all u girls crave a boyfriend like him..either ways it’s a hell n torture…u guys sucks bigtime….comparing this bastard to mgr???suck TR’s dick…that will be the biggest punishment for u guys….ha ha ha haaaa

  2. Surya

    For ur information..mgr won national ward n Bharat ratna awardee..he is the first superstar to become chief minister..thou being a Malayalee he always supported Tamil..till he was alive no one(srilanka n Karnataka)had guts to have conflict with tamilians..I’m born n bought up in Bangalore..I know what impact mgr had those days..if anyone ever compare this bastard to mgr sir..then fuckin u r not a tamilian at all..end this story right now

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