Is Simbu Romancing Sneha ??

 Simbu Romancing Sneha Simbu has been linked with most of his sexy co-stars, including Nayanatara and Trisha, Now it is the turn of Sneha Ullal who has landed in Chennai for remake of Telugu film Vedham opposite Simbu.

After just a few days’ work with the flamboyant star Simbu, the gossip mills were abuzz with news of their romance between the two, but the actress says those are just baseless rumours. And she is just agood friend.And their chemistry is restricted only to the screen,

The Actress also says I’d really want people to verify facts before talking so loosely about me. Right now I am obsessed with my work and parents. There’s really no room for romance in my life,I have been single for the last three years and I am quite happy. I have resolved to make it big in south films and I have no time for anything else,



  1. Reader

    ah! borng shit! dono where this rumors are blooming out from. if a hero act with new woman then they call its love.

    hero heroien kuda nadicha odane love love gossips. ithuve 2 hero kuda hero nadicha ean summa irukanga. atheyum new romance bloomed nu gossips create panna vendiyathu thane. :-E  

  2. Brandy - Naan Aval Illai

    Simbu can do better 🙂 he's a very talented guy – all in one package – he deserves a princess lol.

  3. ridda

    pshhh sneha ullal is tooooo good for this asshole!!!! simbu deserves no one…nayathara, trisha, sneha ullal….they're all too good for him!!

  4. Brandy - Naan Aval Illai

    Who cares about sneha ullal or pullal or nayanthara or trisha – all they can do is dress nice wear alot of make up and look good in front of the screen! – Looks is not everything ridda – Simbu can do alot – direct, write lyrics, sing, act, dance ( did I miss anything else ).. Maybe hes a play boy type but hey who isn't, he's just enjoying his life, he doesn't give a damn about what peoples think, he's himself.

  5. pani

    itss not called jealous he is betraying lots of girls ok thats so bad this girl will be only for kissing and sleeping then someone else which is really bad and dum and illegal

  6. karthik

    simbu is a real talented guy in our film industry… he is the one man who has it all.,,, going with girls it absolitely perfect cos girls like him n he desrve it…………..

  7. geetha

    simbu is awsome… looking so cute…. i love u smile…… dont care for barking dogs tey ll bark always bcz tats their work …. i love ur baby smile…………… girls always support and love u simbu

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