Interview with Sathyaraj on 3 Rascals

Sathyaraj as 'Virus'

Sathyaraj, the versatile actor has done many captivating roles in Tamil Cinema enclosing the movie Mr. Bharath (Ennama Kannu fame) on one extreme and the movie Periyar on other extreme. The actor holds the title Puratchi Tamizhan for his prominent performances and his strong fondness towards Tamil.

He had earlier refused to act as a villain in Sivaji, directed by Shankar but in contradictory to that, now he has accepted the offer by the same director in his next venture, the remake of 3 Idiots. In the movie, tentatively titled as 3 Rascals Sathyaraj is playing  Ileana’s Dad(Professor Virus) in the film.

Revealing about his character in the Tamil version of 3 Idiots to media, the actor says

How did you bag the role in 3 Idiots after denying the Sivaji offer by director Shankar?


I did deny the offer, because i thought I would not be suitable for the villain role in Sivaji. Mr. Bharath was the last movie, in which I shared screen space along with Rajinikanth and I had  gotten an equal weightage of role as Rajinikanth in the movie. I would have acted in Sivaji, if i had given an effective role. But in 3 Idiots remake, the character named Virus has got a significant role to play competing the role of the three idiots (characters). It gives me exhilaration when i am being inquired about my role as Ileana’s Dad (he giggles). Despite my response towards Sivaji, inviting for a role in his next Project is director Shankar’s generosity”

Sibiraj (Left) and Sathyaraj (Right)

Have you got any worries about your son Sibiraj‘s position in Tamil industry?

It has been only a short time span since he started his career in our industry. Even myself, I was only participating in some mere-importance roles, when entering this industry and my appearance used to flash away in a few seconds. It took a good number of six years for me to withstand in this industry. Vikram can be picked as a perfect example, who had been acted in many films and got noticed only after Sethu. Sibi too will reach the heights, when he gets a befitting role”

Ranjitha have acted in numerous films with yourself playing the lead. Do you bother about the recent controversy involving her ?

“For me, it is just a day-to-day news. I have worked with her in three movies ( Amaithi Padai, Thozhar Pandian, Pagaivan). She used to read a lot. I was a bit shocked on hearing the news. Until now, i couldn’t get a clear idea about the controversy”

You used to show a lot of interest in Eezham Tamils. Yet, after Seeman’s arrest all of your pace got down in a sudden. Why?

You couldn’t say just like that. I have been trying to attend most of the meets supporting Eezham Tamils. Joining with Ameer, i have released a documentary feature of Muthukumar recently. Thamarai, Pulamaipithan, Thangar Bachan, Pugazhandhi Thangaraj are still trying their best. I can give my support to Seeman as a Tamizhian, but not as an actor. He signs off.


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