Interview With Sadha- Why So long break from Tamil Cinemas


Sadha got introduced to the Tamil film industry by ‘Jeyam’. In a short span of time, she became one of the leading actresses in the industry. Anniyan, Unnalae Unnalae, Thirupathi were few in her list. Though she had a good career growth in Tamil, she suddenly disappeared from the Tamil industry. Now as she has made a return, she answers to few of our questions.

Have you forgotten Tamil?

No, I haven’t forgotten Tamil. I was waiting to act in a good story with a challenging character, so only this time gap.

Was this the reason for you to not act so long?

This is one of the reasons. Meanwhile, I have acted in two Hindi movies. I was new to the Hindi film industry; I signed the contract without knowing. I was unable to act in any other movie before finishing their agreement.

It seems that you didn’t concentrate in Telugu also?

No not like that. After ‘Unalae Unalae’and ‘Thirupathi’ I acted in one Telugu film. My agreement with the Hindi films, made me to reject few offers.

You have been rejecting so many offers and now is there any specific reason for you to act under P.Vasu?

Vasu Sir has previously called me to act in his films. Due to the call sheet problem, I was unable to act under him. I always had the ill feeling of not acting under his direction. So only I agreed as soon as he called.

You are acting with Arya in the film ‘Puli Vesham’. RK  is a new face to the industry. Don’t you have any problem in starting your second innings in the Tamil film industry like this?

I haven’t thought anything like that. After Chandramuki and Kusaelan, Vasu Sir has given a megahit in Kannada by his film ‘Aptharasikha’. So ‘Puli Vesham’ also has lots of expectations. I have full confidence that this film would help me to make the right comeback to the industry.

There are always news relating you and some other actor?

After ‘Priyasaki’ there were rumors linking me and Madhavan. In that film I and Madhavan acted as husband and wife. It’s true that we acted so closely as a true husband and wife would be. When the movie was shot  Madhavan’s wife was also with me. She is a good friend of mine.


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