Interview with Kushboo on Joining DMK Party

Kushboo joins DMK interview

Kushboo draped in a red-green silk saree, in front of virtually the entire Karunanidhi Cabinet, signed her membership form at the party office here in the evening, in what she hopes to be a historic turning point in her public life.

 Her entry into DMK is also seen by political observers as the party’s answer to charismatic AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa. Jayalalitha is an actress turned politician and is an inspiration to Kushboo. Many actresses like Nagma, Urvasi, Jamuna, Sharadha, Jayapradha, Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan, Roja and so on joined politics. Factually, only Jayalalitha lived a better life in the politics and the rest of the brigade were sidelined.

Ms.Kushboo said as she was attracted by the DMK’s ideologies and its commitment to women’s empowerment. Various welfare measures implemented by the party had made her join the party

Interview Excerpts

Q: You were under fire after your statements on pre-marital sex and lots of cases were filed against you and no parties supported you during that time. Your opinion on this?

Yes. It is true that no parties supported me during that tough time. But DMK was supportive and cannot tell you the mode of support.

Q: You have already been talking about the freedom of speech. Now after getting the political support you can talk more.

No. I will speak under control. I have to abide the rules of the party. I will speak with in my permissible freedom.

Q: What is your ambition or goal?
I don’t have any personal ambition but will work hard for the party’s welfare.

Q: Earlier there was a news stating that you would be joining Congress.

I grew in a atmosphere of people who were staunch congress supporters. I had an attraction with Congress Party. But “I never said I will join the Congress party”. I was attracted by the various welfare measures implemented by the Congress in Mumbai.

Q: Would you quit the  jaya TV “Jackpot” programme
I will continue to act in films and conduct reality shows.



  1. Anonymous

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  2. Anonymous

    Stop saying complaints about others. People spend more time to complain others, rather u could work for the development u wanted to happen to the society.

  3. Anonymous

    Might be in dreams, Chumma showvvkaa dhaan we have let her join DMK.

    Romba Adunalnaa Annan Azhagiri Pottu Thallikittu Poiduvar.

    Annan Azhagiri is the Next CM of Tamil nadu, who so ever is on the way will be killed. b carefull

  4. Anonymous

    Kushboo is a paka thavidiya,,, she will sleep with all politicians and she possible stand only for Election, But Iam shore people will not agree.. the thavidiya how people agree as a counciler or MLA… SHORE SHE WILL FAIL

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