Interview with Eeram Arivazhagan


Eeram was Director Arivazhagan’s significant attempt that brought him much appreciation and he is all set to repeat his success but with a little change in plan this time with an offbeat venture based on sports.It is rooted to be a basketball story and he believes the energy involved in any sport will attract all people young at heart. It will have all the necessary masala for a commercial pot boiler.Prior to this Arivazhagan’s skills and Shankar’s faith in him was sealed after Eeram turned out to be a hit. We had a short talk with him here is what he had to say.

We hear you are headed for an offbeat venture this time, could you elaborate on why the choice of such a subject?

My next film, which is yet to be titled, will focus on basketball. At a time when several producers were scared to back a sports-based story, it was producer Ravichandran who came forward and agreed to produce this film, placing immense trust in me. I am extremely grateful to him and will not let him down.

Industry insiders really don’t have a good vibe if it’s a sports movie. ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ and ‘Lee’ are the only two films that come to mind when we think about such a genre.

Well rightly said, only a few Tamil films have been made on sports and I want to change that opinion. Moreover, apart from love, a sport is what attracts the youth. The energy involved in any sport is bound to attract all those young at heart. That is why I’ve decided to make this film on basketball on which no Tamil film has been made yet. My film will have an action-oriented script set in a college and Nakul will play the lead role in this film,”

Just curious to know, have you been playing too much basketball lately?

Haha, I wish I did. No but I’ve always wanted to excel in some sport. In fact, I’ve now started practicing basketball for almost an hour-and-a-half every day along with Nakul, who too is sincerely doing his best to get into the skin of the character. I believe that to direct a film on basketball, apart from knowing the rules and regulations, I must also experience first-hand the difficulties that players and coaches face. My film is not just about the sport but also about the human emotions that are associated with it.

Is Nakul good at playing the game, could you tell us about the cast and crew for your upcoming project?

I chose Nakul for his energy and enthusiasm. He is a dedicated artist and his eyes have a certain sharpness that suits this role. I could identify a sportsperson in him.

Thaman will soothe you with his songs and camera work will be handled by Vijay Ulaganathan.

Stay tuned for the official launch to happen in March. Let the games begin!


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