Iniya demands money

Iniya opines, actresses shouldn’t get stereotyped

Iniya demands money

Actress Iniya has opined that it would be better for actresses to ensure that they don’t get typecast in the kind of roles that they are attempting in films. “It’s not good for the professional growth of any actress to get stereotyped where in people might say that she is best suited for this role or that role. As an actress, one has to be ready to take on any kind of role and do full justice to it,” says Iniya.

Iniya, who debuted in a literally ‘unknown’ film titled Paadagasalai, impressed the critics and movie-goers in a deglamourized role in the national award-winning Vaagai Sooda Vaa last year. She was also appreciated for starring as Arulnidhi’s heroine in Mounaguru by debutant director Santhakumar.

She is clear in her mind about her wants and needs. Iniya plays one of the two heroines in ace director Bharathiraaja’s upcoming film Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum along with Kathika, daughter of Radha. She has done three films on-the-trot. Was it a conscious effort on her part to continue with her ‘homely’ characters?

She nods her head and says smilingly, “It’s not I who decide as to what would be my role in my film(s). Actually speaking, I would love to play all kinds of roles. It just so happened that I’ve been doing a family-based character in all my films thus far. In order to dispel the impression about me that I’m cut out for ‘arty’ films alone, I released to the media some of glamourous photographs of mine.

“I’m neither meant as a character actress nor an ‘item girl’. In fact, I’d love to do all kinds of roles in films. I don’t want to get into an ‘image’ circle and lose out on many plum offers. If necessary, I’m ready to go ultra-glamourous too,” concludes Iniya. Any producer listening out there?


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