Inidhu Inidhu Audio on August 1st FriendShip Daye

Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies is producing the film Inidhu Inidhu, remake of the Telugu blockbuster film Happy Days.Which talked about college, relationships, friendship and also about family bonding and values. A perfect potpori of emotions, drama, humor and overall fun…

Inidhu Inidhu casting has Narayan, Arun Iswaran, Vimal, Sharan Sharma, Reshmi Menon, Sonia, Benaas, Gia Umar

According to the Prakash Raj, the film is about friends and hence he decided to launch its audio on August 1st, which happens to be Friendship Day. As part of the promo to the film a special bus has been arranged and the entire crew of Inidhu Inidhu will travel in it to Chennai, Trichy, Kovai and Madurai to release the audio.

Click here to Watch Inidhu Indhu Movie Trailer Online

On August 1st, the audio will be launched at the Ampa Skywalk and City Centre in Chennai among the public

Popular villain and character artiste Prakash Raj has said that though he dons villain roles in films, he is a hero in real life. The actor points out that he enjoys the same popularity that many of the actors experience.


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