Santhanam Goundamani

I’m not imitating Goundamani, asserts Santhanam

Santhanam Goundamani

Those who have been following comedian Santhanam’s recent rise to stardom as the leading comedian in Tamil films (thanks to Vadivelu’s continued absence and the bad-patch hit by Vivek) would vouch for the fact that Santhanam liberally imitates former ace comedian Goundamani who has been staying away from films for the past few years. Santhanam, however, denies that he is imitating Goundamani.

“My style of comedy is unique,” says Santhanam. Success makes people talk and behave in a very different way and only those who have been observing them from close quarters would know the difference. Goundamani is a unique comedian in the history of Tamil films who had a natural satirical sense and a great ‘timing sense’ which made him rule the roost as the top comedian for more than two decades during when he assisted the development of careers of heroes such as Sathyaraj, Prabhu, Karthick, Sarath Kumar, Ramarajan, etc.

Goundamani’s self-imposed absence helped Vadivelu reach the top in to time. Now that he’s gotten himself into a hole thanks to his election campaign early last year, the void has helped Santhanam reach the top albeit temporarily. With no other comedian to fall back upon to match the ages of today’s heroes, opportunities poured at Santhanam’s doorstep and he made optimum use of those chances.

Santhanam’s dialogue-delivery and the quick-witted comedy could easily tell a normal film-goer as to whom he’s copied the style from. However, Santhanam has recently denied in an interview that he was imitating Goundamani. “I used to make fun of all my co-stars and others which is Goundamani’s style. However, it can’t be said that I’m imitating him in all my films,” asserts Santhanam.

It’s time for the people to decide it!


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