Illayaraja’s Birth Day plan for June 3


Yuvan Shankar Raja wants to hold a grand birthday bash for his father the Maestro Illayaraja  on June 3 which will be the living  legends 67th birthday. The Kins wanted to the celebrate the event  which assumes greater significance as this would also be a celebration for his Padmabhushan Award. So they planned a party which will have Bharathiraja, Vairamuthu, Vaali and AR Rahman as guests.

But Illayaraja the legend who is known for his humbleness is content. So much that he even refuses the wishes of his sons to admire at him.

But when Yuvan took this plan to his father he out rightly rejected it. Even Yuvan’s mother could not convince Raja. An upset family is still hoping for a change in his mind.

So what will Illayaraja do on June 3? The maestro is planning to be at Thiruvannamalai on the day.



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