Ileanas injures her leg during Nanban shoots

Ileanas injures her leg during Nanban shoots

Swanky chick-let Ileana’s unlucky ankle has given her trouble yet again. The incident took place when Ilu was carrying out a tricky dance move as instructed by her well-known Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan. Even though Ilu tried to match step-by- step to Farah’s instructions the complexity got the better of her as she twisted her ankle and needed the doctors to fix things up.

Soon after she was advised rest which also resulted in the Nanban shoots being halted. Ilu’s in-voluntary retirement has hampered the progress of Nanban, in what was said to be just 1.1112%  of the remaining final schedule. It is also reported that choreographer Farah Khan lost her voice trying to complete the dance sequence in time. Since both the choreographer and her dancer were out of the picture, a disheartened Shankar had to call off the shoots for the meantime until his team arrived. Howsoever, a brave Ilu din’t wont to keep Shankar waiting as she joined the sets soon after getting her ankling issue fixed.

Ilu ! kudos to you for springing back to your feet in no time.




  1. Smile

    Oh dear that’s bad.But she returned once she felt better.That shows her professionalism.I thought she would demand another 20 lakhs for the mishap.

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