Ileana made them weep tears

Ileana made them weep

Ileana made them weep tears

Andala Khazana Ileana will be placing all her bets on her upcoming big release Nanban. The movie releasing exactly a week from now will mark Ileana’s comeback to Kollywood after going unnoticed in her Kedi role 5 years back. Solely concentrating on Telugu movies from then on, she is now more mature with her acting and a lot pricier too.

Producers had to shell out a reported 1 crore to get the lady for Shankars Nanban opposite Vijay. Alongside her big Kollywood release the in demand heroine has also signed a tempting offer up North. This new Bollywood movie titled Barfee will have her paired with chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor.During one of the recent shoots for the flick, the actress was to pull off a really emotional scene, which she successfully did. But those present at the sets were left searching for their hankies, with many dripping their eyes watching Ileana’s award winning performance. “Ileana played the character to such perfection that even her co-star Ranbir Kapoor applauded her.He felt that she had the needed intensity to pull off the scene which wasn’t an easy one for any actress”, reports an insider from the sets.

Ileana looks like you’ve impressed Ranbir there !!



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