Ileana in ‘Fashion’ remake in Tamil, Telugu & Kannada

 Its rare to see any Hindi films to be remade in South Indian versions. The Bollywood superhit ‘Fashion’, which won many an award and accolades, is all set to speak in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.Now the major question is who would perform the role played by Priyanka Chopra? It could be Ileana in all probability.

After making films for nearly a decade, Madhur Bhandarkar shows no sign of losing any of the raw intelligence, energy and vitality that have made him a continuing force in Indian cinema. Sandalwood producer K Manju has acquired the remake rights for the Madhur Bhandarkar movie and is planning to make the film in Tamil, Telugu and of course Kannada. Circles close to him say work would start very soon.

“I was thoroughly impressed by the film which beautifully portrayed the fashion world, its pros and cons. Especially the sub-plot in which the model gets addicted to drugs moved me a lot. Such movies should be made in all languages,” says a thrilled Manju.

“A lot of girls who enter the field face problems that I want to show in my film. There’ll be lot more than just fashion, for which I have a major star cast planned. We are in talks with Ileana D’Cruz and will soon seal the deal,” said Manju in parting. On roping in Ileana, the top actress of Tollywood, he says, “We are currently holding talks with her and will soon sign a deal.” Buzz is that director Indrajit Lankesh would wield the megaphone for all the three languages.


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