Ileana defends her fee hike

Ileana defends her fee

Actress Ileana is making a long-awaited comeback in Tamil films by pairing up opposite Vijay in director Shankar’s upcoming directorial venture titled Nanban. The film, as already reported, is the Tamil remake of the Bollywood super-hit 3 Idiots which starred the likes Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The Tamil version, besides Vijay, stars Jiiva, Srikanth, Ileana, SJ Suriyah and Anuya in lead roles.

When it comes to fee-hike, popular actresses tend to hike their fee if their latest film turns out to be a hit. Some times, they decide about the hike on their own. Either way, it’s certainly not a good news for the producer who knock at these actresses’ residences to sign them up for their projects. The curvaceous Ileana appears to be belonging to both the above-cited categories.

The actress is said to have been paid a whopping sum of Re.1 crore to pair up opposite Vijay in the film. Of late, her Telugu market hasn’t been going great guns; in this backdrop, it was debated as to whether it was right on the part of the producer to have paid her such a huge sum for her ‘comeback’ in Tamil films.

Commenting on the controversy, Ileana says “I’m busy in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies. It is said that I demand and get Re.1 crore per film. I never go begging for a hike in me fee. Depending on my ‘market status’, the fee is fixed by the producers and not by me. What’s the wrong in getting the fee accordingly when my films do well in these languages?

“In Telugu, I face a great dilemma: if I take a good sum, I’m accused of taking ‘more money’; if I reduce my fee, it is reported that I do so as I’m not in demand among producers. I tell you, no actress is getting paid the money she doesn’t deserve. I’m also aware that only if the actress is popular she’d be getting some thing; if her films don’t do well, nobody would bother about her well-being!” concludes Ileana in a realistic tone.



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