Ileana attacked by Telangana agitators


Goan chicklet Ileana D’cruz is the latest victim of the Telangana attacks. Earlier it was Shriya Saran who had a narrow escape, as she was forced to shout out loud Jai Telangana in front of the cameras. Failing which the rowdy group started using obscene language and also came down to breaking down both the windows of her car in broad daylight.

Even though many news channels did circulate the matter the Telangana group has gone ahead and attacked another star actress to make their demands heard. The Nanban heroine Ileana, was shooting for one of her Telugu movies in Hyderabad when the agitators made their way to the sets creating a wreck. The crew had to put an end to the shoots fearing all the expensive equipment would be destroyed. Howsoever Ileana escaped the scene, with one of the crew members helping her reach her van just in time. The actress is really disgusted how things have turned out, with her schedules needing to be reworked.

How long can such cheap acts continue, seems to be a question worth pondering.



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