Ileana and Shankar meet for 3 Rascals

Shankar and Ileana met in Chennai
Shankar and Ileana met in Chennai

Last Tuesday, Ileana took a flight down Chennai to catch up with acclaimed director Shankar.
The actress has been roped in as the lead for both Tamil and Telugu versions for the remake of Raju Hirani’s hit 3 idiots called 3 Rascals.

The glam doll is being paid a hefty Rs.1.5 Crore to do both versions by the producers at Gemini Film Circuit.After the meeting the actress confirmed that she was very interested how the director has sculpted the character while she was equally impressed by the way director Shankar narrated the whole story to her.

Recently Sathyaraj was  roped up for the role of professor (Professor Virus) and father of Ileana in the movie. It has been confirmed that the shoot of this bi lingual will start in Chennai from December 6. Also it is confirmed that Vijay would lead in Tamil while Mahesh Babu as been chosen for Telugu. Arya,Jeeva, and Siddharth have been the other  names cropping up with out any confirmation from their side.



  1. Tamil

    VIJAY?? in lead role?? oh plz…there are Tamil actors who can do justice to AMIRKHAN’s role But NOt HIM..
    wat happened to shankar? he picked this idiot to play the  role.  

  2. Ajith Rasigan

    but what about ajith’s dialogue delivery he will simply walk, if he would have walked straight he would have reached moon

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