Ilayathalapathy Vijay under political pressure


We earlier stated that Kaavalan is facing troubles in getting a spot for release.

Recent developments in the power camps that function on the dark side in Kollywood industry have adversely affected the scheduled release of Vijay’s recent effort Kaavalan.

According to latest reports Kaavalan will not get theaters till January 15, 2011.

Here is why.

According to close sources the towering Udhyanidhi Stalin’s Manmadhan Ambu will get all the majority of theaters in the city and Vijay who is expecting a lot from Kaavalan, will now have to wait for a while.

Moreover, Udhayanidhi Stalin and Vijay are not in good terms aggravating Vijay’s worries.

Pongal will be the time for the movies backed by big names namely Ilaignan written by Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, then there is the mighty Sun Pictures Aadukalam and Karthi’s Siruthai which is also lined up for release occupying the vacant theaters.There is a chance that Siruthai, will be postponed by a week or two post Pongal, unless it’s rescued by a mightier distribution house.

The latest buzz, SA Chandrasekar after a confidential meeting has resorted to Jayalalitha for security, although an ardent supporter of the DMK since Arignar Anna’s times. (Read here for more)

SA Chandrasekar - Jayalalitha Meet
S.A. Chandrasekar presenting a bouquet to Jayalalitha, AIADMK general secretary at Poes Garden, Chennai on December 11

Mr Chandrasekar is reported to have sought Ms. Jayalalitha’s support and is likely to meet the leaders of other political parties.

Someone needs to make way for Vijay now as he expects to release the movie in Pongal. The shrewd political scenario is the one to be blamed, its sad how politics has overruled decision making in the cinema industry in such a way .Best of luck Vijay, we hope you will get support in your efforts, just keep at it.



  1. Man

    Poor Vijay…This K family tortures a lot…Initially they tried to target Ajith, later after Ajith apologizes to Karunanidhi…he was escaped…

    May God punish these guys…

  2. Stanly

    DMK are the worst leaders of the country………………….vijays kavalan will be a big hit………..thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dnt worry vetri namethe

  3. Awsome

    THIS TIME I SUPPORT VIJAY  (though not a vijay fan) vijay should get into politics as he was planning and should get this family policticans away.

  4. stupid_vijay

    vijay is the most stupid actor i have ever seen.
    What does he think of politics ? 
    What eligibility he has to come to politics ? (apart from torturing us with his junk re-make movies)
    We have already had enough torture from the stupid politicians.
    We cannot allow junk actors to torture us by becoming politicians… 
    God save TAMIL NADU…..

  5. aravind

    i am not a fan of Vijay and hate his masala movies….but donno why these politicians r very much involved in flim industry and put others in trouble…..i hate these kollikaran family and their attitude

  6. neha

    ya first target was ajit , he apologies.  3rd was surya, he totally surrended with them. 2nd s vijay some negotiation was done but not ok between them. … so then udhayanidhi & co started their work…


    ivanum enna yogiyama?????ivan kitta power irunthal ivan tamilnattai vilaikku vanguvan….illena karuna thata kudumbam vilaikku vanguthu

  8. san33

    enna punish… hey fake id user san33 arivuketta mundom…stop using my id ..i just hate ur comments n ur just stop using my id to say ur comments.. n all ur comments just sucks.. 
    and @MAn: whom dey dint target.. since its vijay today u guys hate this govt.. dis dmk party dint do any gud to tamilnadu for many years.. just use violence n come to power dats their strategy..dey shud hv been punished long bck.. nthng happened.. every alternative election dey come to power… n also once vijay was part of this dirty n stupid group for few years either promoting himself or his movies….. so its just between them.. if u say they must be punished for not doing any good for TN people and for using violence.. I support u… 

  9. Vasin

    @san33; Karnan seriously robs us; not just money; our reputation. Who will respect Thamilar if they see Karnan and his MLAs? Sure, we have not discovered a good party or a leader as of yet. However anybody would be better than Karnan so support Vijay.

  10. san33

    well said… for vijay, prob is within him.. i rembr  he was very close to dmk n sun tv fntions.. nw no supporn t from dmk it luks like he want to try his hand in politics jst to earn more money bcos he is unsuccessful in movies n .. so that he cud start his own production n continue to act n release movies with this power like wt dese dmk family doing .. i dnt think any good will come from him as a politican…den appuram solla vendam from our money that is alloted for welfare of people he will start corrupting and show off in all papers ..he helped needy like this that.. ..

  11. san33

    According to me vijay got a big fan followers who will do anythng for him (but I am nt the one) ..n including ppl who may nt even know dese websites or blogs… so he must rework on his skills n and its time for him to give at-least  one movie that proves his work dese many years in cinema… without disappointing his fans who were fighting for him with all  ppl who were nt his fans and with all vijay haters … if he really values his fans support, I think he has to do this.. rather getting into any controversy n critical positions… 

  12. S.Ramanathan

    Vijay visited Erode for his fan Balaji’s wedding in November. he had planned to do some good deeds for the fans but was forced by the Police to leave the arena. The police were pressured by Karuna’s family because in Kovai and Erode DMK is weak.  Who knows probably the Karuna’s family presurred Shanker to remove Vijay from “3 rascals” and pressuring the theatre owners not to release his movie Kavalan .  The more the pressure given by DMK will probably bring vijay as politician.

  13. Vasin

    Also @san33 in UK if you want to become a politician at a young age you have to be an Oxford Graduate. In Thamil Nadu it is like you have to be cinema related to become a leader. It doesn’t seem very correct but it is the prectise here. So whats is wrong in Vijay moving to politics? Anyway something must happen in Thamil nadu now to remove the old man from power. What non sense is this? It is like Kings ruling until they die in those days; disgusting.

  14. Man

    ஜெயாவை நம்பி மோசம் போகாத. கலைனரை போய் பார் காவலன் ரிலீஸ் ஆகி விடும்

  15. yo

    correct ah soninga “Man”…….. movie release panuratha pakuratha vitutu ethalam thevaiya ????????? time is there to enter that… THIS NOT THE CORRECT TIME & CHOICE TO ENTER……..

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