Ilayaraja:I wont dedicate my music to the Almighty

Ilayaraja at Sri Rama Rajyam Audio Launch

Maestro Ilayaraja has opined that his music is for the people and belongs to them wholly. The Maestro, who is seldom seen participating in various filmy events which take place from time to time, was present at the audio-launch of the upcoming Telugu film titled ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ which stars Tollywood’s Balakrishna and Nayanthara in the lead roles of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita respectively.

Directed by Babu, the film has music by none other than the Maestro himself. Veteran actor Nageswara Rao, a popular hero in the sixties, has played Sage Valmiki in the film. The script of film focuses on the period in the life of Ram and Sita after the former annihilates the monster king Raavan. One of the highlights of this big-budget film, which has as many as 16 songs, is undoubtedly the music of Ilayaraja.

The audio-launch of the film was held in the premises of Sri Sada Ramachandra Swamy Temple at Badrachalam. Besides Ilayaraja, others who took part in the audio launch include Nageswara Rao, Balakrishna, Nayantara and many leading luminaries of Tollywood. ‘Isaignani’ took the audience by surprise by delivering a fluent speech in Telugu.

“This film is an important one in my career. I won’t say my music is dedicated to the Almighty; music is for the people. I want them to remain happy and that’s why I try my best to produce lovable music. If the people are happy, even the Creator would be happy. It’s practically difficult to explain what music is all about; at the same time, it gives immense pleasure to experience the joy of listening to music.

“I am quite happy to have worked with Nageswara Rao in this film. I bless the crew of the film to achieve monumental success,” concluded Ilayaraja. On his part, Rao said that he agreed to play Valmiki on the produer’s insistence and added that the songs by Ilayaraja are excellent. He thanked the Maestro for providing a musical treat.



  1. mark

    well done sri lanka for winning the third one day international. all the best for thE DISHAN THILAKARATNE & Co.

  2. kumar

    Raja sir you are right. If you put music for films it is for people. But Kadavullukkunne music pannaa athai kadavulukku dedicate pannalaam. Very good. All the best endrum RAJA super music Raja.  rehman thirdan foreing music copy pannuraan rehman porambokku

  3. ARR fan

    Hello do you Rahman copied or not.Y u r dragging Rahman here. Ilayaraja copied many songs go and google search and you know your Raja’s range. If ARR copied how he is doing foreing films and band and u r saying he is copied from foreign films. Sorry if I have hurt you. No one is grater than anybody. I know Raja sir is grater than ARR but dont write harsh comments please! I cant tolerate your comment as an ARR fan so i wrote this. No hard feelings. 

  4. Naan kadavul alla...... Saamanyan.

    Yes thats true. we love ilayaraja song as well as ARR. So dont try to fool urself. try to mean for urself, cos u may know the truth…………

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