Ilayaraja to produce Karunanidhi’s next film

ilayaraja in karunanidhi's next film

Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s 79th film is to be produced by the music legend Ilayaraja. Karunanidhi’s story ‘Sarapallam Samundi’ was filmed under the title ‘Uliyin Oosai’. The music for ‘Uliyin Oosai’ was by Ilayaraja. The film successfully crossed 100days. Ilayaraja has commented that he liked the story of the film. At this instance, Ilayaraja has shown interest in to produce Karunanidhi’s next flick. Karunanidhi has also agreed to it.

Karunanidhi’s next flick will be directed by the director Elavanil. He was the director of the film ‘Uliyin Oosai’. This film will be different from other film for which Karunanidhi has written the story and dialogues. During the past few years, Ilayaraja has not tasted success in his music. It is expects that he would satisfy his fans by producing Karunanidhi’s next flick.

The ‘Pen Singam’ team is getting ready for its next film. Once again its Karunanidhi’s story and dialogue.


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