Ilayaraja to compose music for a Broadway play


Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja never shies away from re-inventing himself though his music and his thoughts. The musical genius that he is, Ilaiyaraaja has recently agreed to do something that he had never attempted before: scoring music for a Broadway stage play.

The famous Broadway play titled ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ is to be staged shortly in the Andhra Pradesh capital of Hyderabad. Critics say that the famed play could easily find a spot among the all-time great top 5 plays that have emanated from Boradway till this date. As such, it would indeed be a great honour for the city of Hyderabad to be hosting the play.

The credit for pulling off the unthinkable by making the ‘Maestro’ agree to compose music for a play goes entirely to Seema Azharuddin, a popular theatre person. She is the one who spoke to Ilaiyaraaja at length at the end of which the latter agreed to compose music for ‘Who’s Afraid…’

Says an excited Seema: “I’m extremely happy and delighted that Ilaiyaraaja Sir has agreed to score music for the play. We did have a lengthy chat which turned out to be rather useful for each of us. The Maestro has said that he might need 2-3 days to fully ‘grasp’ the theme of the play so that he can score appropriate music to suit the mood(s) of the various sequences”.

Seema said when she told Ilaiyaraaja that he was the ‘God of Music’, the latter retorted saying that he was not ‘God’ but was a ‘nobody’. “The humility of the man, who has achieved almost everything is there to achieve, was really mind-boggling,” says Seema.


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