Ilayaraja scores free music for Selvarajs film

Ilayaraja free music

‘Maestro’ Ilaiyaraaja has scored the music for script-writer Selvaraj’s upcoming film which focuses on creating awareness about preserving trees, forests and a greener environment in order to have a healthy atmosphere around us. It may be recalled that Selvaraj has been the ‘official’ script-writer for veteran director Bharathiraaja for the past many years.

Selvaraj has directed the film which has Nithya Das as heroine. Besides directing the film, Selvaraj has also penned the story, screenplay and dialogues in the film. As such, the film is likely to be sent for taking part in many film festivals which are to be held around the globe.

The script is about the efforts made by modern men to destroy forests and trees to meet their selfish interests. A tribal girl boldly takes on the establishment with the help of her younger brother to preserve the environment consisting of forests and trees. How she goes about in her struggle forms the rest of the story.

Ilaiyaraaja, who is a long-time friend of Selvaraj, has scored the music without taking a single penny from the director. The Maestro reportedly scored the music as a ‘social service’ as the film’s theme was a socially relevant one which has been made amid many challenges by Selvaraj. Also, the fact that Selvaraj has been one of his best friends might have contributed to the Maestro scoring the music by taking nothing.


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