Ilayaraja advises film-makers to make scripts sans violence – Video


Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja has urged film-makers to shun violence and bloodshed while penning the scripts and during making films. “The usage of sickle and blood has been increasingly becoming order of the day while making the scripts. I request them to shun blood and violence to the maximum possible extent and instead spread the message of love and brotherhood,” said the Maestro.

Ilaiyaraaja, who doesn’t often take part in audio-launches and press-meets, was the surprise package at the meet-the-press event held in connection with the impending release of the film Sengaathu Boomiyilae (SB). The film, incidentally, has been set to score by the Maestro himself and directed by Rathnakumar. Speaking at the event, Ilaiyaraaja lauded the film and said it was probably the only film against violence and made with intent in recent times.


“When Rathnakumar approached me to score the music for the film, I asked him whether the film’s script would be one of those about the usual violent-ridden clashes and advised him to bear in mind that sowing violence in the minds of the viewers may not be of any use at all. When he came to meet again, Rathnakumar had completed his film and screened it for me. As the film seeks to convey a good message to the society, I agreed immediately to score the film’s music.

“Man is duty-bound to make his meaningful instead of indulging in mindless violence which is only a reflection of his anger. If only he thought of his family earnestly, he may not take to violence at all. Instead of using violence, make use of love and kindness: this is the message the film reflects. Women must see the film in good numbers to deeply understand the pains of violence. Rathnakumar has made the film in a practical manner, recording the day-to-day lives and turbulences of the people.

“The media should patronize small-budget films such as these in a big way. The trend of propping up films starring big stars alone should change at the earliest. A good script doesn’t need a star; it just needs an actor,” concluded the Maestro.


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