I would never endorse wrong products, assures Trisha


Actress Trisha has opened out on her doing lot of commercial advertisements and has assured her fans and the public that she would ‘never ever endorse a particular product which causes harm to the public in any manner’.

The actress, whose love for animals and in particular dogs is well known, sounds a socially-conscious actress when she says that she won’t be a party to something wrong or something harmful that might occur in the advertising industry.

Trisha, who has been endorsing a variety of products, says that she loves doing advertisements but at the same time she is cautious not to endorse any wrong products that might cause harm to the public in any manner. “I only endorse those products about which I stay well informed,” assures Trisha.

Isn’t her guarantee enough?



  1. Aravind

    Hahahahahaha she would even endorse a shit if given right amount of money…..why trisha u r making unwanted statements……

  2. erimalai

    but she’ll use it..like drugs, liquor…etc…recently a ganja guy arrested in hyd had her mobile number….

  3. Vasin

    That is unfair Aravind! She is a reasonably good girl. You know she didn’t endorse a fan club because she could not really understand the purpose. However she later consented after being convinced it may be used for charity.

  4. Nanbenda

    Nanba Arvind, y do u use dis kind of words, no one s perfect in dis world, everyone is a sinner in one way or the other. Atleast she s doing sumthing good appreciate dat. u wil come 2 knw if u become a celebrity. Wat ever u do dat wil b a news. Even if u shit in any public toilets dat wil b a hot news. Jus Think my dear Nanba…

  5. Aravind

    Hai vasin i dont have any enimity with her…these stars wouold make irresponsible statements and justfy thesir acts…i am damn sure she would use an imported soap and not the Vivel when she is endorse…..i will revoke my statement and will surely ask sorry if she really uses that money for charity…..

  6. Aravind

    Nice to see u r very decent reply and many others have to learn from u……..Doing something is different from endorsing something…..if she really uses that money for charity i would surely ask sorry……no probs in that……more over the payment made for that endorsement is recollected frm that product sales that means from us…everything is commercial..thats all i ment to…..i feel really happy to see  such a proper response……..

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