I would never act in unsuccessful venture, says Trisha


Actress Trisha is quite happy that her latest Telugu film ‘Teen Maar’ opposite Pavan Kalyan has been doing ‘more than’ average business all over the state of Andhra Pradesh. Trisha, who had a nightmarish debut in Bollywood last year with a dud titled ‘Khatta Meetha’, has now firmly decided to concentrate only on her areas of strength, which is Tamil and Telugu movies.

The actress, though, has her own principles when it comes to choosing her movies and the kind of characters she gets to play in films. “Irrespective of the pay packet, I would never do a below-average subject. Moreover, I also don’t believe in the media ‘build-up’ about any particular film during its making. As and when it releases, any good movie would do well if the script is enticing enough.

“I don’t like the trend of actors and actresses speaking ‘so highly’ of their films that are released now and then. Obviously, no actor would say his/her upcoming film is a bad one and won’t do well at the box-office. Let the audience decide the fate of the film sans the exaggerated pre-release ‘build-up’ by the distributors, actors and the crew of the concerned film.

“Such a prelude to the release of a film would be almost like committing a fraud on the audience. As far as I am concerned, I choose only good and interesting scripts. I’m very particular that the film (starring me) has to be a successful venture; getting a good name for my character in an unsuccessful film doesn’t really excite me. As stated earlier, the lure of money won’t lead me to sign up films with bad script,” asserts Trisha.



  1. gal

    haha u shouldn’t be saying this.. alot of ur movies were flops and had a big hype before release.. gd examples were manmadhan ambu, khatta meetha and kuruvi.. only gd one in recent times is vtv.. waiting to watch mankatha.. even if it becomes a hit.. it definitely would not be bcos of u!!

  2. T Rajender

    Boobs mella ore tattoo, kakus ke ponamatheri ore face. Heavy make up, ithule periya aapataker matheri pechi. Your days are over aunty, you can go get married and get divorced then married again. No one wants 2 see you acting. BuhbYe…..

  3. sluuuu

    get this hoebag out of acting…she is a grown adult yet she is drawing pictures on her chest…is that suppose to be “style”?? “sexy”???i dont get it…ohhh wattt a pity..wat a pityy


    un padam epa succes achu………….una self acting ala ithu varai entha padamum hit avala………some of ur movies r hit bcoz of d heroes,script,music

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