I wont abuse anyone, claims Radhika


Actress Radhika has said that it’s not her style of campaigning to verbally abuse her political opponents and others. Radhika’s husband and actor Sarath Kumar’s AISMK is part of the AIADMK alliance and is contesting in two seats for the ensuing Assembly elections in the State.

Though not seen in films quite often, Radhika is hugely popular among the womenfolk in the State, thanks to the continuous soap operas she has been dishing out on a popular regional channel’s prime-time slot for the past few years. She campaigned extensively in support of Sarathkumar for two days.

During one of her meetings, she said “It has become a common trend for actors and actresses campaigning for political parties to talk in a bad manner about their peers who are on the other side of the fence. It’s not a welcome trend at all and I, for one, would never indulge in such a style of campaigning.

“I appeal to the people to carefully go through the election manifesto of Amma and to cast their votes in favour of the AIADMK and its allies,” said Radhika.



  1. Naan

    Dont talk abbusive. But you can talk about the truth. Nobody can deny the truth. Good Luck. Ms J Jayalalitha should come to power with self sufficient Majority. Only then these thiefs can be contained and controlled and once for all erradicated. These people should be sent out of the country.

  2. abc

    good at least one person maintains decency…but again the party you are supporting is also not a good one..what to do..how long we have to elect either dmk or admk we dont know..

  3. Arjun

    i guess DMK is better than ADMK when it comes to tamil people in tamil nadu.   I dont care about other states because they have their own parties and Chief Minister.   when it comes to DMK vs ADMK, its always DMK. though both are corrupt, if you are a tamil and that too pure tamilian ie, tamil people for the past 1000 years since Pandya, Chola, Pallava kings times, then you will think DMK is the best.    if you are not pure tamilian, ie, telugu speaking or malayalee speaking or kannada speaking tamilian, you will think ADMK. some cases, if you are a brahmin, you will support ADMK only.   DMK is the best. they do MORE for tamil people than vijayakanth or jayalalitha.

  4. Arjun

    jayalalitha is the biggest thief. karunanidhi atleast a thief for central govt but not for pure tamilians in tamil nadu. Jaya didnt do anything for govt employees or teachers. she traumatised farmers and bus drivers.

    Karuna did all good for govt employees and teachers and bus drivers and muslims and farmers.

    bottom line. Karuns steals from central govt like anyother politician and spends that to tamilians in tamil nadu. i mean real tamilians of more than 1000 years origin.

    Jaya takes all and deposits into andhra, karnataka in lands and properties and invests into swiss bank.

  5. Shiva

    What do u mean by Karuna steals from central govt and then gives to tamils. Where does the central govt get the money from??? anyway the point is both are corrupt. but J.Jailalitha is less corrupt. Karunanidhi has a whole family of corrupt politicians to feed and grow up. And only if JJ is elected and won, there will be a change in the Lives of the people or else Karunanidhi’s family is just going to grow richer by thousands of crores. Or else we should use the 49-O atleast. But the fact is its a waste. Becos no other party can make a single handed stand in the elections. Also other parties are dividing the state and people into smaller groups by caste. SO the best option now for tamilnadu people is to go with Jailalitha madam.

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