vadivelu latest speech

I wasn’t boycotted from films, claims Vadivelu

vadivelu latest speech

After a long gap, ace comedian Vadivelu took part at an event held in Madurai. Trade pundits had almost written off the comedian, who hasn’t had any release in the past 11 months except Mambattiyan (which he signed up more than an year ago). The change of guard in the State after the April Assembly elections made it untenable for him to get film offers from the predominantly pro-Government producers and directors.

Putting up a brave face, Vadivelu said “Please don’t think that I was under fear and didn’t sign up any project. It was a conscious decision taken by me to have some well-deserved rest. Don’t we all face problems of different kinds in life? Though I make all of you laugh by my on-screen presence, I too have my own share of problems.

“Contrary to what is written in the media, it was not like I wasn’t getting any film offers; I got many of them but refused them due to personal reasons. In this context, I’d like to narrate a story. A person went to a doctor and said that he was feeling depressed and wasn’t getting sleep in the nights. The doctor said that he too felt the same on weekends and asked the patient to come next Monday.

“The patient said that he could take rest only on Sundays and that he won’t be able to make it on week days. The doctor then told the patient that he used to go to the nearby Circus every Sunday to look at the buffoon and get some hearty laugh by the gimmicks played by the clown. He then offered to give one ticket for the clown’s show to the patient who then revealed that he was the ‘clown’!

“I’m almost like the clown,” concluded Vadivelu.


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