3-movie-aishwarya Dhanush

I once thought of deleting the Kolaveri song, says Aishwarya

3-movie-aishwarya Dhanush

Aishwarya Dhanush is happy with all the criticisms that have been pouring in vis-à-vis her directorial debut with Three(3) which hit the screens two weeks ago. The film, which pairs Dhanush and Shruti Haasan in lead roles for the first time, has been doing reasonably well at the box-office. The elder daughter of superstar Rajinikanth spoke about matters close to her heart during a recent free-wheeling chat with presspersons.

Talking about her childhood days, she said “Soundarya and I were brought up in the most conservative manner and were not even allowed to go to movies quite frequently. All we got to watch were only the old films on the television. Appa’s Thalapathy was the first film we both went to the theatres and watched. He had never behaved like a star in the house and had always treated us affectionately like any father.

“In fact, he treated us more like friends than his daughters. I learnt bharatnatyam when I was 15 and realized later that it brought many positive changes in my life. I married Dhanush in a hurry; we were married within six months of our first meeting. We give each other space and respect the other’s privacy. Our likes and dislikes are almost the same which helps our marital life progress in an unhindered manner.

“My mother taught me as to how to behave in the public in as the wife of a popular actor. Dhanush was very helpful during the making of 3 while Shruti too offered the best possible cooperation. When the Kolaveri song was leaked on the Internet and became immensely popular, I even toyed with the idea of deleting the song from the film. Later, we decided against it and retained it in the film which proved good in the hindsight,” concludes Aishwarya.


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