I make films for money, says Vetrimaran


Director Vetrimaran has been the cynosure of all eyes for the past few weeks, ever since he won the national award for ‘best director’ for his film ‘Aadukalam’. That the bearded Vetrimaran managed to win the coveted honour in only his second film speaks volumes about the director’s hard work and sincerity.

‘Aadukalam’ also fetched for its hero Dhanush the national award for ‘best actor’. The film also went on to bag for more awards in various categories in the national awards which were announced a fortnight back. The outspoken Vetrimaran, though, has reportedly gone on record saying that he made films only for the sake of earning money and not with an eye on winning awards.

There were many who felt surprised and shocked when ‘Aadukalam’ was chosen for many awards even as the Jury overlooked films like ‘Angaadi Theru’ and ‘Madarasapattinam’. Incidentally, Vetrimaran’s debut film as director was ‘Polladhavan’, which had also featured Dhanush as the hero. He has, however, said that he is not likely to work with Dhanush for his next film.

I believe in doing things differently rather than doing the same thing again and again. Continuing to work with the same set of guys would give a sense of ‘boring’ to either side; as such, I don’t indent to cast Dhanush as hero in my next film,” says Vetrimaran and adds that the primary motive for him to be in the movies is mainly to make money and not to win awards.



  1. usha

    thats the fact.. 99.99% pf ppl are in cinema to make money and get fame.. not for awards or to make critically acclaimed movies only..

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