“I loved Enthiran” : says Academy Award winner Oliver Stone

Director Oliver Stone
Director Oliver Stone

The Super Star Rajinikanth starrer Endhiran, directed by Director Shankar has already been creating waving records around the world. In addition to the global success of it, the movie is also being  spoken for technical hanlding, that had made many hollywood film maker catch a glimpse of the movie while it was earlier John Landau, the producer of the Path-breaking Film AVATAR said “I have seen the trailer of the Indian Movie Enthiran. Rajinikanth is amazing“. .But last weekend  the movie caught in the eyes of American Film maker the director of Alexander and the proud winner of three Academy Awards, Oliver Stone!

Yes it is the same Oliver Stone,the Director of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (which hit the theaters recently)  well known among his fans in the West, for his screenplay and direction, had manage Endhiran of watch Endhiran screened with sub-titles at the MAMI MI Film Festival currently being held at Mumbai and left a remark that he loved the entire movie.Endhiran was added at the last minute to be screened on request of the some of the foreign directors on coming to know the success story of Endhiran

Oliver Stone,said, “I love to watch Indian Movies for it’s Culture and tradition. The Movie Robot made an impact of all the movies screened in this festival”. He  went on to praise the work behind the movie and he also mentioned it was crazy, and he liked the original script, which made the movie more interesting. Catch a glimpse here.

The box-office collection of the movie Enthiran is exceeding 400 crores. Apparently, the result of Enthiran will induce some more high budget movies in Tamil. It is to be noted that Hollywood has started  following our work. We hope our Directors should take it in their minds and should be accountable in taking the stage to the next level.



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