I have had enough bitter experiences, says Sonia Agarwal

Sonia Agarwal bitter experience

Suddenly, actress Sonia Aggarwal has become the talk of the town. Each newspaper, weekly and monthlies in both English and Tamil seem to be so keen to write about her. The actress is presently going through an important phase in her life as she makes a valiant attempt to re-establish herself as a saleable actress in Kollywood.

Marriage never helps the career of an actress as when it comes to bagging film offers. Be it in Kollywood or elsewhere, a married actress is viewed as a ‘non-sexy material’ irrespective of her effort to maintain her curves and shape. In this backdrop, the divorcee that she is, Sonia sure has managed the almost ‘impossible’ thing of bagging lead roles in films.

She plays the lead roles in ‘Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam’ (ONV) and in ‘Mata Pitha Guru’. The shooting of both the films are under various stages of production. The script of ONV was not based on her own story, Sonia says but adds that it delves deep into the background of actresses who have to ‘sacrifice’ on many issues before finding their way to the top.

Sonia, who divorced director Selvaraghavan last year, is said to be living life to the fullest by partying with friends over weekends and shooting for films during the weeks. She recently threw a grand party to celebrate her mother’s birthday and reoirted confided to a close friend many of her pent-up feelings.

“I feel very happy nowadays as I have renewed my ties with Kollywood. I’m glad that I’m being offered good characters which would make me more determined than ever in facing life. I’ve had a bitter experience in matrimony but now that I’m out of it, I feel God is always there to guide me and nurture me,” Sonia said.


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