Priyamani Latest Still

I don’t want to act in Hindi films, says Priyamani

Priyamani Latest Still

Priyamani made many heads turn by bagging the national award for ‘best actress’ for her portrayal of a village belle in director Ameer’s Paruthiveeran which also signaled the debut of actor Karthi as hero in Kollywood. Despite bagging the coveted national award and proving her acting prowess, Priyamani found that there were few takers in Tamil films for her.

She then decided to go glamourous so as to ‘wipe out’ from the viewers’ mind her image as a ‘deglamourized actress’ (in Paruthiveeran) and starred in films like Malaikkottai, Thotta and Aarumugam where she donned sexy costumes and did indulge in some skin-show. As it happened, nothing made her secure more films in Kollywood and as such, the started concentrating hard in Telugu films.

Priyamani dazzled in Telugu films in sexy characters and even donned a bikini to become one of the most sought-after actresses there. She says she’s always ready to ‘adapt’ herself to the needs of the place where she works. As such, she has settled down nicely in Tollywood knowing very well what the fans there expect from her. She even starred in two Hindi films albeit in miniscule roles.

Talking about her Hindi film assignments, Priyamani says: “I have done a couple of films and in fact have refused a new film offer. I was asked to step into the shoes of Monika Bedi in the film Deshdrohi-2 but I didn’t take up the offer. I feel I’m yet to prepare myself mentally to concentrate about my Bollywood films for which I need lot of time which I don’t have at present at my disposal. I think I’d consider starring in Hindi films after some more time. Certainly now now!”


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