I didnt get suitable roles in Tamil, says Divya Spandana

Divya Spandana on her Salary

Grand-daughter of Union External Affairs minister S.M. Krishna and leading Kannada actress Divya Spandana (known to Tamil audience for a long time as ‘Kuthu’ Ramya) has dismissed rumours that she has hiked her fee to ‘surreal heights’. Divya is the unofficial ‘No.1’ actress in the world of Kannada films as of now.

Divya has found herself into and out of many controversies in the past. She recently had a tiff with the producers and directors and even quit the industry in a huff only to reverse her decision later, much to the delight of her fans. But for the timely intervention of Kannada superstar Ambareesh, Divya wouldn’t have found herself out of the crisis by now.

Her last couple of films in Kannad had been super-duper hits, paving rise to rumours that she has hiked her fee from Rs.27 lakhs to Rs.32 lakhs. National award-winning actress Priyamani, who finds solace in Kannada films, is said to be second after Divya who gets paid around Rs.20 lakhs. Bhavana and Pooja Gandhi take the third and fourth spot in the list of sought-after heroines in Sandalwood.

Commenting about the reported hike in fees, Divya says, “I don’t want to say anything about this. There have been many rumours floating about me in the industry in order to unsettle me from the top slot. I don’t bother about that and concentrate on my work along. My upcoming film Gandhi Nagara Mahatmae would be a significant one in the history of Indian films. I’m fortunate to have got such a plum role.

“I know there are a few actresses behind spreading the rumours about me. I shall soon take them on. Though I’m on top in Kannada films, I haven’t been getting suitable roles in Tamil as per my liking,” concludes Divya.



  1. june

    ii think its cool that she doesn’t allow to be treated as a glamdoll in kollywood…anyway good luck on your projects

  2. Smile

    I don’ t like her.Its best she sticks to kannada films.The only film i felt she was ok was Varanam ayiram.

  3. DK

    she has hell lot of attitude problem…she agitated against tamil films in b’lore but still act in tamil movies…wondering how our directors offer her roles???

  4. Frown

    We are taking all efforts to convey your opinion to her. Request you give an appointment to Divya so that she can discuss further on this.

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