I’m open to glamourous roles, Anjali declares

Anjali Hot Still

Actress Anjali is among the very few actresses in the industry who look good, act and emote well and also dub in their own voice for their roles in their respective films. The actress, who recently won the prestigious ‘Filmfare’ award for her memorable role in Vasanthabalan’s ‘Angaadi Theru’, has signaled her intentions to go glamourous in her upcoming films.

After debuting in ‘Katradhu Tamizh’ a few years back, Anjali has earned the reputation of a ‘good actress’ capable of taking on any roles. That she can speak and dub in her own voice in Tamil makes her a leading candidate when it comes to bagging awards. She now has a handful of films under various stages of production in which she has reportedly gone ‘glamourous’.

Anjali’s decision to change track is apparently due to the stiff competition she faces from her contemporaries. Deviating from her earlier stance that glamour won’t look good on her, she now says that she is ready to do glamourous roles provided the script ‘demands’ it.

Declaring that she’s ready to go glamourous need not necessarily mean that henceforth she would only be doing such roles, asserts Anjali and adds that looking glamourous is also part of the acting process. The actress has a couple of films in Kalanjiyam’s ‘Karungaali’ and Karan’s ‘Thambi Vettothi Sundaram’ releasing in a month’s time.


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