I’m not just a comedian, says Jagan

Comedian Jagan

Actor Jagan is at pains to insist that he is not merely a ‘comedian’ and as such, shouldn’t be branded as one. He says he’s open to doing all kinds of roles and has done a variety of roles including comedy.

Jagan graduated to films after he became famous by hosting many reality shows for television. Jagan recently completed shooting for the 3-D film Ambuli and shared his experience of starring in the film. He has his wide-ranging views about differences in comic sequences between films made earlier and today’s films.

“Ambuli is a period-type film which is shown to be occurring in the seventies, almost forty years earlier. The 3-D film would have comedy, adventure and everything else to make audiences come along with their families come to the theatres to watch it and enjoy. Though I have done quite a few films, I still feel like a newcomer.

“I’d like to state that I’m not just a comedian alone….I have done serious roles in many films. Even in the successful Ko, I had played a significant role sans any comic dialogues. As far as I’m concerned, I’m an actor who could be molded in any manner as per the director’s ideas and wishes,” concludes Jagan.

Point noted, Sir!



  1. முனியாண்டி

    நீ காமெடியன் இல்லாம பெரிய புடுங்கியா

    1. cat

      Dont talk nonsense about Jagan. He is a very nice person by heart and a very talented person too. Iam saying this as i know him personally. He WILL for sure become a hero one day.

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