Huge buffalo sacrifice in Aravaan

A concept for the shot
A concept for the shot

The crew of Director Vasanthabalan’s Aravaan has wrapped up its first schedule of shooting shot in the midst of dense forests on Tamil Nadu-Kerala border.

Aadhi and Pasupathi are playing pivotal roles in the movie and have survived even leech bites in order to complete the shooting of the movie, that’s truly professional isn’t it?

The second schedule is supposed to continue in huge sets erected in the same forest areas where the team will return after a short break in the first week of January.

You know it’s the end of the year everyone’s busy celebrating.

Reportedly, thematic scenes will be the focus this time. Apparently, there is a scene where some 500 buffaloes will be sacrificed for the deity. Vasanthabalan has jotted down all the details we hear,well, he surely doesn’t want retakes for the blood filled scene.

Aravaan is inspired by the Tamil novel Kaval Kottam written by Su Venkatesan. Set in the 18th century Tamil Nadu it revolves around four central characters played by Aadhi, Pasupathi, Dhanshika and Archana Kavi. A special highlight will be the debut of Singer Karthik as a music director.

Our sympathies for the buffaloes.This surely will be a case hot cake for animal right activists. Watch out Mr.Vasanthabalan!



  1. krithi

    wait, are they actually killing 500 buffaloes for the sake of the movie….or there is a movie scene with 500 buffaloes killed?

  2. guy

    ya they sure wont kill 500 buffaloes knowing well abt animal rights activist!! write the news properly.. dun give wrong info pls!!

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