Director Shankar

HMK opposes Shankar’s move to cast Asin as heroine

Director Shankar

Hindu Makkal Katchi, the self-styled custodian of the ‘implementation’ of Tamil culture in films, has meted out a warning to director-producer Shankar not to cast Asin as the heroine of his upcoming film as the actress had ‘betrayed’ the interest of the Tamils by taking part in a feast thrown by the Lankan president last year when she visited the island nation defying the ban of the Nadigar Sangam restraining artistes not to visit.

Reports from Kollywood said Shankar might soon announce his project which would have Vikram playing the lead role. It was also reported that either Asin or another lead actress from Bollywood would be cast the heroine. Asin, however, was ‘pardoned’ by the Sangam and she even starred opposite Vijay in Kaavalan early last year.

Kumar, State Secretary of HMK, has said in a signed statement that the Rajapakse government in Lanka had been indulging in genocide of the Lankan Tamils and doesn’t even regret about it. “Tamils have been demanding that he be declared as a ‘war criminal’ by the league of nation around the world. In this context, Shankar’s decision to sign up Asin has shocked Tamils everywhere,

“It should be remembered that Asin not only defied the ban but also shared a feast with Rajakapse, who massacred innocent Tamils. Shankar should respect Tamil sentiments and reconsider his decision, failing which we would hold protests in front of his residence in Chennai,” the statement said.


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