Hindu Munnani Party against Manmadhan Ambu

Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan

Hindu Munnani Party is offended by the song ‘Kannodu Kannai Kalandhal’ from Manmadhan Ambu. According to Party’s coordinator Kannan the song hurts the sentiments of Hindu religion, the Gods and the Goddesses.

The song has a few comments on Aranganathar and Sri Varalakshmi which is an insult to the believers of Hinduism apparently.

Reportedly Kannan has sent a legal notice to Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Udayanidhi Stalin and KS Ravi Kumar suggesting its omission from the movie.

Moreover he warned them that if it is not edited out from the movie Manmadhan Ambu, legal action on the movies screening will be implemented.

Kannan will surely gain popularity targeting the ‘lion’ in the industry.

Well, haven’t you heard the story when the heroic mice had a fight with the ferocious lion isn’t it? It’s a similar scene here.



  1. dumaan golli

    dai kamalnallum ponnunga suthiirukkum kannan nallm ponnunga suthi irukkum … ithu theriyama pessa vanthutannuga looosu k___i mavanga ithu theriyama pesura neenga vetti k__i mavanga by unmai thmillan

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