Hindu Munnani Katchi against Shammus remarks on homosexuality

Shammu cant understand whats wrong
Shammu cant understand whats wrong

Actress Shammu was seen in a short stint in Dasavathaaram but later shot into spotlight for Kanchivaram which won her the national award for best supporting actress. But now she is making headlines for an all together different reason as her remarks on homosexuality have been dragged into bad light by some.

The actress has been accused of expressing her view on the burning issue as she pointed out that there is no reason to denounce those practicing homosexuality as it is there right to freedom to practice what they wish.

She further enlightened everyone saying that unlike earlier now even courts have come forward to extend their support and homosexuals are getting their recognition in civilized countries.

The above statements have made into the bad books of Hindu Munnani Katchi as coordinator Kannan has come out with the protest that the actress remarks do not hold well for the morality and integrity of Indian ethical values.

Now , do you people think Shammu should apologize?



  1. shanmugavel

    She is right.. Even in Hindus Mythology there are people who are homosexuals.. Sigandi.. There is nothing bad about being that.. They cant have kid thats it.. (with increasing population in India.. This is the best way to control it.. to allow Homos..)

  2. lala

    No she should not apologize because homosexuality leads to multiple forms of oppression due to society as a whole going agianst it. Hence, if we need to permit change then we need to recognize multiple identities, have the ability to understand another’s perspective. Our society needs to work together to ensure that people that face (homosexual) oppression is included in the framework of acceptance for who they are. Well, its just my opinion.

  3. Vasin

    She is bold and she is right.

    We imagine a man fucing another man or a girl fucing antother girl when we hear the word homo. For shallow imagination it is disgusting. However just think about a man fucking a woman from behind standing. Isn’t it funny? Imagine you hold your swollen dick in your hand and try to insert iit nto your wife’s vagina; isn’t it disgusting? Actually except foreplay most sex acts are disgusting. However we and Homos are going to do it in our bed rooms. It is fine.

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