Hindi songs to enter Kollywood

Pa Vijay
Pa Vijay

English words in Tamil songs are passé. Full-fledged Hindi songs are getting ready to be a part and parcel of Tamil cinemas.

Yes you heard it right. Tamil language is all set for a beating if everything goes as planned, in these times when just thinking different without logical reasoning is thought to be the reason for successful movie.

It all started when we spoke to Pa Vijay, who is acting in Illangyan, talking more about the issue, he comments

“There’s no effect on the Tamil language. It’s not so weak to be dampened by all these words that are creeping into songs. The Tamil language is like a kottai…”

Pa Vijay feels that the age of melody is not far away in Kollywood. “Film music started with melody and today, we have genres like rap and kuthu that are popular. Soon, the melody wave will take over the Tamil film industry in a very big way,”

Although we surely support him for being so hopeful about melodious songs in the near future but how do you expect to bring more melodious songs by supporting a new language, we feel your are tottaly deviating from m your point Mr. Vijay.

Although we surely are worried for the younger generation, who already in the midst of unlimited choices in this internet age doesn’t mind anything to lap on to the so called ‘new trends’?

What do you have to say, post in your comments lets see how many of you really want this to happen?



  1. hi

    shit idea, bring this idea then some other guy will bring another idea and eentually take tamil language out. so we need to keep the tamil language in our songs and keep growing then others may be eager to learn this rich language

  2. Hindian

    Pa vijay can be sent to Bollywood if he wants to bring in having Hindi into tamil cinima. Creativity is not to destroy a culture but to boost or bring positive change. CHANGE should be progressive not of spoiling of his own tamizh language, culture and people who gave hima chance to be lyricist. Stupid guy he is going to doom with his ill fated creativity

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