High Court Sends Notice to Endhiran Team on Copyright Claim

Endhiran Team

The claim on the Story of Rajinikanth starrer Endhiran has already been in  news since the movie’s release, as more and more writers claiming it as their own story. Adding fuel to the fire, The High court of judicature at Madras has issued a  notice to the producer and the director of the Endhiran yesterday, based on the complaints filed by the journalists.

Justice S Rajeswaran, before whom the civil suit filed by Tamil writer and journalist Aarur Tamilnadan, came up for admission, asked Sun Pictures and Shankar to file a reply by November 18.

Aarur Tamilnadan had claimed that he should be announced as the author and the copyright holder of the movie Endhiran. He also demanded an amount of Rs. 1 Crore from the producer of the movie, Sun Pictures and director Shankar as a compensation.

Aarur Tamilnadan stating in the civil suit that he had drafted a short story named Jugiba (1996). The story got published in a popular magazine in the same year. Again for the second time, it was re-published in another magazine in 1997 with the knowledge of the writer. According to the writer, the story revolves around a Scientist Robin, the Scientist created Robot Jugiba and the Scientist’s Girlfriend. In the end of the story, the Robot commits suicide in a dispute with the Scientist on an issue relating the scientist’s girlfriend.

On hearing this civil suit, the Madras High Court has issued the notice to the makers of Endhiran, which was taken on behalf of Kalanithi maran, the producer of the film. On the other hand, Sun Pictures abiding by the law, stated that the movie has been running successfully still and some antagonists are tending to cause problems. Sun Pictures also opposed any interim order to stay the screening of ‘Endhiran’.

Not only Aarur Tamilnadan, a novelist named Mainampati bhasker already claimed that the original story of Endhiran has been copied from his novel Buddi Jeevi (1984) and had also sent the legal notices to the production house and director Shankar.

It is obvious that people used to get publicity by relating them with a happening issue and it is not something inexperienced. It should be noted that the story of Endhiran is nearly based upon Sujatha Rangarajan’s ‘En iniya Enthira’ and director Shankar has already registered the original script of Endhiran in the Tamil Screen Writers Association even before the end of second millennium.


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