Ibrahim Rowther SA chandrasekar

High Court dismisses Rauther’s case against SA Chandrasekhar

Ibrahim Rowther SA chandrasekar

In what is widely considered as a ‘shot in the arm’ for S.A. Chandrasekaran, the president of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council, a case filed by Ibrahim Rauther (president of the ad-hoc Council) against SAC has been dismissed by the Chennai High Court.

The TFPC split vertically vis-à-vis the issue of increasing the wages and salaries of film employees and workers, a case which has been espoused with vigour by FEFSI. Following the split in the Council, a dissident group headed by Rauther announced that it was ‘sacking’ SAC as president of the Council and a few others and was keeping them ‘under suspencion’ for six months.

SAC, however, didn’t accept the ‘sacking’ and contended that only the faction headed by him was the actual Producers’ Council. In the meantime, Rauther had filed a case with the Court seeking protection for his life and property from the threats meted out to him by SAC. Rauther added in his complaint that he needed round-the-clock police protection to ward off the threat.

The Judge who took up the case held that “in the backdrop of the scenario in which SAC has been continuing as the president of the Council after getting elected in a democratic manner, the petition can’t be acted upon. And as such, the question of providing police protection to the petitioner doesn’t arise at all. The petition is dismissed forthwith!”


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