Hidden Camera at McDonald’s ladies Toilet in Mumbai

Mumbai: Hidden Camera Mobile at Ladies Toilet in McDonald's outlet
The air vent at where where the mobile was Kept and Shilpa Koparde at Kasarwadvali Police Station in Thane

An employee of McDonald’s has been accused of videotaping women in the ladies toilet of their Thane franchise. Shilpa Yogdeep Goparde, 30 a customer who visited the washroom has filed a police complaint on Saturday evening after she found a cell phone being put on the video recording mode placed over an air vent in a toilet at McDonald’s Ghodbunder Road outlet in Thane.

Initial investigations revealed that the camera had been placed by Sachin Waghmare, 26, a member of the cleaning staff, who is currently absconding.

Thane resident Yogdeep Korpade, 31, his wife Shilpa, 30,and five-year-old son Grahiesh visited the restaurant at 4 pm on Saturday. “My wife wanted to visit the loo before we left, but the housekeeping staff asked her to wait while they cleaned the toilet. However, when she went in, the toilet was still unclean. That made her suspicious and she began to look around. She then saw a light blinking in the vent above,” said Korpade.

Hidden Camera McDonald’s outlets ladies Toilet in Mumbai:Kolly Theater Chronicle

Alarmed, she informed her husband, who in turn summoned the restaurant’s manager. The staff immediately identified the mobile as that of Waghmare. However, by then Waghmare, a resident of Sai Nagar slums, was nowhere to be seen.

“It was very suspicious the way he stopped me from entering the loo. My suspicion only grew stronger when I saw the loo was dirty. He, obviously, had spent the time inside doing something else. When I looked around, I saw this camera-like object lying on the air vent,” said Shilpa after filing the complaint.

Shilpa added, “The staff told us that they would immediately conduct a check but later said that one of their staffers was absconding. We wondered how many such videos of unsuspecting women had been taken, so we decided to file an FIR.”

A complaint has been lodged under Section 509 IPC (word, gesture or act intended to outrage a woman’s modesty) at the Kasarwadvali Police Station and the pervert’s mobile and memory card have been seized.

Meanwhile, a McDonald’s spokesperson stated, “We are co-operating with the customer and have filed a police complaint along with the customer. We have suspended the employee pending the result of the investigation. We are assisting the police with the investigation to bring the culprit to book at the earliest as for us the customer always comes first”

Now who knows hat how many such clips were recorded and later circulated or posted on the Internet. So public be alert when using public toilets.



  1. Mobile Camera or SPY CAMERA ?!

    its really shocking news.. but more than that this website published the advertisement about SPY CAMERA..! thats more shocking one! they just written about the hidden camera (cellphone) story and police complaint and advertising about the SPY CAMERA ! this look like giving idea to culprits saying "dont use cell phone and get caught, use SPY Camera". Dear Editor, Please remove such advertisement from the pages..

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    This is not website's issue..It's because of the ads from google.When u visit any page in internet ,google looks out the phrases in that page and shows releavent ads on the page.. For ex.When i read this page ..I was seeing an ad on Toilets..

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