Heroines hunt online

Apart from gaining knowledge and befriending strangers, being active on networking sites has its own benefits.
Gone are the days where directors found heroines by shuffling through portfolios and holding auditions. Instead, Directors and Heroes these days are logging in to websites and social networking websites to find their heroines online.
Finding it difficult to believe? A small analysis 
Let us start off with Melanie Mary, who acted opposite Premji on screen in Venkat Prabhu’s Goa, was spotted on a video sharing site. Actor Vishal found his third heroine for his Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai (TVP), Sarah Jane Dias, on a social networking site. Besides directors Vijay and Sarkunam were happy men shortly after finding Amy Jackson and Oviya’s pictures online for their Madrassapattinam and Kalavani respectively.

Director Venkat Prabhu telling us how he found Melanie,  “I saw an ad of hers online and thought she was perfect for the role of a foreign girl falling in love with Premji. So, I contacted the ad agency and finally found her. And since I’ve already seen her perform in the ad, I was sure she could act. This saved several rounds of auditions.”

Actor Vishal says, “I’m active on social networking sites. One day, I got a friend request from a girl and when I saw her profile picture, I thought she would be perfect for the role of the third heroine in Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai. We used our contacts and later identified the girl as Sarah, a former Miss India. Interestingly, the girl who had sent me the request had used a fake picture for her profile, which ultimately led us to our heroine”

Actress Oviya, visibly excited after the success of her debut film ‘Kalavani’, says, “Director Sarkunam was looking for a female lead for his Kalavani and he saw a picture of mine without make-up on the Internet. I guess I’m just ‘plain’ lucky.”

Director Sarkunam, on his experience, says, “I saw Oviya’s pictures when I was browsing through a site. Technology has rendered itself useful in several fields and now, its helping we find our heroines easily!

Director Vijay also had an interesting experience while ‘hunting’ for a girl to play the lead in his ‘Madrassapattinam.’ “After writing the script for the movie, I was sure I wanted a British girl to play the lead. While browsing the Internet, I saw Amy Jackson’s picture but I didn’t have a clue about her. Then, we went to England to audition about 180 people. Interestingly, Amy had sent her pictures as well but I couldn’t recognize her in that picture. Meanwhile, I asked my agent there to hunt for Amy. After finding her whereabouts, I approached her to sign the movie directly!” he says.

Well this new trend in the heroines searching through web makes the whole process of finding a heroine and casting her in the film is easier now. 



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